PHAETHON CoE (Teaming Project)

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Transformation to Excellence

FOSS has recently secured funding from EU Horizon Europe “Teaming for Excellence” Programme (€15mln) and complementary funding (€30mln) from the Government of the Republic of Cyprus (namely, the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy), a Private Enterprise and the University of Cyprus to upgrade to a world-class autonomous and self-sustained Centre of Excellence – PHAETHON Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence for Intelligent, Efficient and Sustainable Energy System (PHAETHON CoE)

Vision of PHAETHON

Make a significant contribution to a green energy future by creating an inspiring environment for conducting state-of-the-art research on intelligent, efficient and sustainable energy solutions and to become a world-class Innovation Hub, enhancing socio-economic development at national and regional levels.

PHAETHON CoE will be registered as a non-profit limited company and will have full autonomy in decision-making. It aims to become autonomous and self-sustainable through a strategy of diversified revenue streams such as research funds, education/training programmes, valorisation of Research and Innovation results, such as through licensing and start-ups. It is expected that over 200 people will be engaged at the CoE (including research, administrative and technical staff).


PHAETHON CoE will be hosted on the UCY campus, transforming it to a smart energy living lab. The CoE’s building (costing €5mln), will be a nearly-zero energy building, and will be constructed and donated by a private enterprise by 2025, on land donated by UCY.

PHAETHON Teaming Project

FOSS will evolve to PHAETHON CoE through the PHAETHON Teaming project of the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme. The partners of the project are two leading European institutions in energy transition and sustainability namely, the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Groningen, and the top Cypriot start-up accelerator, Cyprus Seeds. The Teaming project has a duration of 6 years and is due to start in late 2023, the sustainability plan of the CoE has provisions for the next 10 years. It is worth noting that “PHAETHON” proposal received the highest score in the EU for the creation of a Centre of Excellence.



Significant Upgrade

Research Themes

Renewable energy sources


Storage & E-mobility



Energy geopolitics


Elevation of Research Theme Agenda

PHAETHON CoE aims to have a direct impact on the energy Research and Innovation cycle in Cyprus, the surrounding region and globally. It will thus expand the research focus of FOSS, adopting a more interdisciplinary agenda to target the present and future energy-related challenges. The CoE research themes address the European Green Deal energy sector decarbonisation challenges and are aligned to Cyprus’ Smart Specialisation Strategy energy priorities. Aiming to have a significant impact towards the energy transition and the quality of life, the research priorities of PHAETHON CoE will seamlessly integrate technological as well as social, environmental and economic aspects

Smart Energy Infrastructure

PHAETHON CoE will build a state-of-the-art infrastructure, enriching its research agenda. The existing infrastructure and equipment of FOSS will firstly be upgraded through the €1.9mln funding it has received from the Cyprus' Recovery and Resilience Plan. The current facilities will be further enhanced, enriched and augmented via the complementary funding of the Teaming Project to achieve a Smart Energy Infrastructure which will consist of laboratories (renewables and grid integration, future storage, smart grid and digitalised energy) that comprise test-beds (smart inverter, e-mobility, MW-scale power test-bed, real-time simulation and digital grid), pilots (solar-plus-storage and green hydrogen) and a high-performance computing e-infrastructure (energy analytic data centre).

Establishment of Innovation Hub

An Innovation Hub created under PHAETHON CoE, will lead to the effective exploitation of research results emanating from the CoE. Further, a Technology Transfer Office will also be established at the CoE.

Expansion of Educational Activities

PHAETHON CoE will offer a variety of education courses ranging from a newly developed master course in Sustainable Energy and a doctoral programme. The courses will be offered by staff of the CoE in cooperation with its partner institutions. A variety of trainings and technical courses will also be offered.

Challenging yet Rewarding Route Ahead

FOSS aims to bolster the positive impact it had to date through its transformation as PHAETHON CoE, paving the way for sustainability and always serving the society.

Network Enhancement

Cyprus’ and thus PHAETHON CoE’s, strategic position between the EMMENA region and EU, will assist in gaining mutual understanding on the energy challenges in the region. PHAETHON CoE’s advanced infrastructure, skilled workforce and engagement with a variety of stakeholders through its broad activities (education, services, Research and Innovation) will strengthen existing and develop new collaborations with EMMENA region organisations and key stakeholders.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101059898
The project has received funding from the Government of the Republic of Cyprus through the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy

Complementary funding for the PHAETHON CoE is also provided by the EuroAsia Interconnector PLC and the University of Cyprus.


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