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The PV Technology Lab of FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy has recently become an Educational and Testing Centre, certified by the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism. We will keep the public updated about these new educational goals. The PV Technology Lab and FOSS extend their offer to society by conveying knowledge acquired through its research activities and provides training and education courses to professionals.

Over the years, 250 schools have visited FOSS’s PV Technology facilities to learn more about photovoltaic technology. Children have the opportunity to be exposed to the latest technologies through experiments. The presentation covers the outdoor and indoor infrastructure and tests carried out on a daily basis. At the outdoor facility, the students understand the operation of both a grid-connected and stand-alone PV system. At the indoor infrastructure, they see the equipment (climatic chamber and sun simulators) required for the indoor simulation of PV cells and modules.


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We look forward to welcoming your educational group to our facilities.

One of the  FOSS‘s PV Technology Lab prime objectives is to provide constant support to the various government departments, municipalities/communities and the local industry. Attempts will be continuous for building trust and be in a position to positively intervene in the day-to-day issues that are worrying the government, local communities and the local industry to offer services for valued solutions whenever the need arises.
The PV Technology Lab is already cooperating on these issues signing MoU wherever needed and responding to requests for support on specific issues.

The PV Technology Lab can be the catalyst for informed solutions to all energy-related problems that the Cypriot community is facing and we will gladly take this role since we consider it to be one of the prime objectives for the establishment of universities and more specifically for the creation of the research centre FOSS and giving it the multi-discipline character and content that is currently enjoying.

Every educational visit lasts 45 minutes maximum. For more information, please contact our Educational Officer Dr Michelle Lakeridou on +357 22892211 or by email:



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